I am a Creative Digital consultant (Sales, Production and Tech Strategy)
With 20+ years exp. specializing in diverse aspects of digital and integrated campaigns.

I enjoy creating Innovative Solutions.
I enjoy connecting the dots and connecting people. 

I collaborate on digital & integrated experiential marketing campaigns that bring consumers into the action. Masterminding branded content campaigns and user experiences. Disciplines include ; video, web, mobile, live XM installations, user design, augmented and virtual reality, installations, social media, and digital OOH.

My passion is in conceptualizing new solutions and creative approaches for clients and campaigns. My professional experience is applying creative direction, business development, client advocacy, strategic direction and production direction to digital media campaigns. 

I've had the pleasure of working with brands such as Google, Samsung, Intel, Adobe, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, EMI Music, Sony Music, Redbull, Nokia, Adidas, Dove, etc. I work with advertising agencies and also with companies and brands direct.

Equal parts Strategist and Creative Producer.
I like to work with a hybrid production methodology (Agile, Waterfall, Scrum & SDLC).  
I like to GSD.
I Like to Get S*it Done!  
Examples of Work

As a kid I built games with my brother using BASIC for zx80 & zx81 (a.k.a. Timex Sinclair 1000). I loved audio for 8 bit & 32 bit games (Commodore 64, Amiga, Dragon 32, BBC, Spectrum 48 & 128). I studied art and design at school and then audio sequencing and synthesis at college. Music and Technology. 

Then I came across a demo of FutureSplash2 (Futurewave) and Flash (Macromedia) and I was blown away. I quickly transitioned from Music Technology over to Web build and design, animation, GUIs, code etc.  

Inspired by the late, great Hillman Curtis who was, and still is, an inspirational creative force in my life. I left England in 2001 to come to N.America and Toronto to be part of an exciting creative flash community. From building websites to building a Flash community. 
I met fellow flash enthusiasts and as Executive Director of FlashinTO, along with FITC's Founder Shawn Pucknell, we quickly grew FlashinTO to become the world’s largest Adobe Flash user group with well over 3,000 developers and artists interacting. 

FlashinTO gave birth to a large event called "FlashintheCan" which eventually evolved into FITC a design and technology event that originated in Toronto and is now a global creative technology design event worldwide with a large community of talented people. What a movement, a real art history moment in time. 

Flash is sadly now retired  however, Flash gave birth to thrilling, immersive website experiences, wonderful storytelling capabilities and a fair share of "skip intros" and also practical solutions such as Gmail and Youtube. 

Exciting new platforms now exist such as Unity, ARkit. ARCore, Processing, Open Frameworks, Touch Designer, CSS, WebGL and a multitude of new frameworks, authoring tools and .JS languages.

We now live in exciting times of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality, while Social Media, Mobile Apps, A.I., IoT, Robotics and creative tech culture is evolving more and more everyday.

I look forward to more connectivity, creating more exciting solutions and more creative content across all mediums and platforms. 

Thank you for taking the time to read thus far.
#thankful #humble #grateful #appreciative 
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