To those in the know, "52.7 cubic feet of cargo capacity" is an impressive statement. Impressive, but not exactly foot-tapping. We wanted to bring this feature to life in a way that was more, let’s say, relatable. And so the #FITwhatever campaign was born.
Basically, we put a lot of unusual things in the Fit’s wonderfully spacious trunk: a butt-skipper, breakdancers, a Born Ruffians performance. 
The results were almost as impressive at the Fit’s cavernous interior.
Traffic to the Fit site went up by 60% and Fit sales increased by 43%.
Civic Nation 

A community is born. We also built an innovative online (flash) game that won awards, I helped create and strategize the game and its mechanics in a collaboration with Crash media, Sonic boom creative media and Grip Advertising. 

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