Nissan Canada ran a contest in early and mid-2009 to give away 50 Nissan Cubes to "creative Canadians". The marketing campaign, called 'hypercube', picked 500 Canadians to compete for 50 Cubes by showing their creative talents. The winners received their Cubes at events held in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal
I created a TXT WALL to promote the first Cube model to arrive in Canada, view a video of the TXT WALL
Nissan HyperCube launch parties where held consecutively in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal in June 2009. Attendees and Winners could send SMS messages to everyone and each other between all three cities, each message would cascade onto famous Canadian landmarks after being displayed on a huge big screen at all three locations simultaneously.

The project was a hit because of a talented crew and solution was a collaboration between Patrick Dinnen, Michael Pereira, James Eberhardt and Simon Conlin.
TORONTO, Ontario--, after four months of engaging with Hypercube - Nissan Canada's unique social media campaign that rewards creativity in Canada - 50 Canadians were awarded an all-new 2009 Nissan cube at events simulcast in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Many of the 500 finalists, their friends and other special guests gathered at the three events to see if they were one of the lucky recipients of a cube all their own.

Hypercube winners in Toronto

"Hypercube is exceptional for Nissan because we are engaging with our
consumers in such a relevant, unique and interactive way," said Jeff Parent, VP of sales and marketing with Nissan Canada, from CiRCA nightclub in Toronto. "The 500 finalists created an extensive online community that interacted with each other, and their local communities, and really spread the word about the Nissan cube. It's a very exciting evening to now be able to announce the winners."

The 50 winners were announced at events simulcast in CiRCA in Toronto, Club Soda in Montreal and Gossip Nightclub in Vancouver. Finalists unable to make it to the events watched it all unfold via webcast. As names were announced, the ecstatic winners made their way on stage to celebrate and be recognized for their Hypercube creativity. In the coming weeks, all the winners will receive their brand new car from local dealerships.

Hypercube winners in Vancouver

The strong Hypercube community established over the past few months will continue beyond the event as winners blog about their life with cube for the next year. Based on what was seen throughout the audition phase, the 50 winners and their cubes are in for some exciting adventures. The events also provided an opportunity for a few local Hypercube finalists - including singers, guitarists and visual artists - to showcase some of their talents during "15 Minutes of Fame" segments throughout the evening.

"The creativity of the Hypercube finalists is really astounding and what a unique opportunity to be able to share their talents on stage and in front of the Hypercube community," said Parent. "It will be exciting to see what the winners get up to with their cubes over the next year."

Hypercube winners in Montréal

Several of the Hypercube judges, who had the difficult task of evaluating the 500 finalists and selecting the top 50, attended the events and mingled with the finalists and winners. The independent panel was comprised of three English-speaking and three French-speaking judges. Dustin Rabin, a prominent Canadian concert photographer and Hypercube judge, attended the Toronto event.

"Hypercube was a great experience for me and the other judges because it gave us a chance to see firsthand the talent of the creative community in Canada," said Rabin. "Some of the auditions were so unique and cutting edge and it's great to see the winners receive the good news tonight!"

Follow along as the Hypercube winners blog about their life with cube at

the winners are:

Phil Crozier, Calgary
Lisa Brawn, Calgary
Emily Bolinger, Calgary

British Columbia
Mike Haire, Abbotsford
Sean Siddals, Prince George
Greg Sczebel, Salmon Arm
Robin Van Gyn, Squamish
Syd Woodward, Vancouver
Kevin Grandia, Vancouver
Joe Lafleur, Vancouver
Anthony Boronowski, Vancouver
Jeff Keenan, Whistler

Nova Scotia
Samantha Babin, Halifax

Telma Costa, East York
Bev Hogue, Fonthill
Antony Hare, London
Paul Marozzo, Midhurst
Mark Orszulak, Mississauga
Mark Wotton, Oshawa
Sean Williams, Thornhill
Tony Elston, Toronto
Tim Donnelly, Toronto
Jacqueline Pavan, Toronto
Rafe Malach, Toronto
Rannie Turingan, Toronto
Julie Kroll, Toronto
Jasin Dollin, Toronto
Curtis Santiago, Toronto
Chris Musina, Toronto
Arv Slabosevicius, Toronto
Andre Molnar, Toronto
Amrita Chandra, Toronto
Laura Aqui, Toronto
Alwin Richards, Whitby

Prince Edward Island
Mark Stevenson, Summerside

Anne-Marie Venne, Gatineau
Delphine Bergeron, Laval
PHLASH, Tha, Montréal
Jean-Aymeri de Magistris, Montréal
Mike Giles, Montréal
Natalie Jobidon, Montréal
Éric Lafontaine, Montréal
Allison Moore, Montréal
Josée Rivest, Montréal
Guillaume Boudreau, Montréal
Jean-Philippe Faucher, Québec
Amélie Paul, Sainte-Dorothée
Francis Lévesque, Sorel-Tracy

Taylor Pfeifer, Saskatoon
Jade Hanson, Warman
photo:Nissan Canada

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