The Undeading

Award Winning PSA that literally helped save lives!! 9919 enlisted + 5,020 safely trained at the main event = A North American record. Best Canadian Commercials Of 2012' via @HuffPostCanada CBC personality George Stroumboulopoulos called it the “Best. PSA. Ever!”. #TheUndeading campaign by the Heart and Stroke Foundation and Toronto-based Agency59 followed a lone survivor in zombie-infested Toronto being chased by a horde of walkers, when suddenly she drops dead from a heart attack until some zombies revive her using CPR training. 52 million impressions overall. The spot was picked up by Mashable, AdAge and Fast Company. All this 'viral' attention helped drive people to sign up for the world’s largest CPR training session at Canada’s Wonderland on Oct. 25. More than 5,000 people showed up to Wonderland to attend the record-breaking CPR training session. That one night is the equivalent of three years worth of people we would train normally in Ontario. PRESS Financial Post CBC Hearrts! These CPR Zombies Will Make You Undead [VIDEO] — October 6, 2012 Zombies teach CPR in new public service announcement (VIDEO) — October 5, 2012 Heart and Stroke campaign uses zombies to promote CPR — October 5, 2012 Zombies teach CPR in creepy public service announcement — October 5, 2012 Fun flash mob shares a serious message about CPR — October 5, 2012 Heart and Stroke Gets Zombie-fied — October 4, 2012 Heart and Stroke Foundation launches campaign for cardiac arrest awareness — October 4, 2012 CTV Flash Mob AR Drone Wonderland CPR training Timelapse BEHIND THE SCENES Charlie the 1st ever CGI Zombie (Alter Ego & Married to Giants) Bringing #TheUndeading to life #1 ‪Bringing #TheUndeading to life #2‬ Bringing #TheUndeading to life #3 Bringing #TheUndeading to life #4 Bringing #TheUndeading to life #5

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