Maynard's "Most Wanted" Integrated Campaign

Maynard's candies are so desirable, they’re “Wanted.” So we asked Canadians to capture them. From scanning QR codes on out-of-home to finding Swedish Berries in online ads, there were tons of ways to play – and get in the running for the grand prize reward.
Outdoor that drives online. Online that drives to outdoor.

Interacting with our TSAs did more than launch the mobile website, it made consumers an active participant in the story. We followed up interactions with emails, which encouraged the consumer to capture more, and bridged the gap between mobile and Facebook.
Media included TSAs, newspaper, a mobile website, email and online ads – all driving to a Facebook app. Facebook was the hub. That’s where consumers could keep track of their captures, capture their first, and deepen their experience with the brand.
The campaign included newspaper ads  and online media, which trained consumers to look for Maynards’ Most Wanted offline.
The seven-week campaign was featured in industry and technology publications, won an Applied Arts Interactive award and was one of three campaigns Grip Limited included in its submission for Strategy’s 2011 Digital Agency of the Year Award, which received an Honourable Mention.

Writer: Ian Mackenzie
Art Director: Joel Holtby
Interactive Producer: Meg Norton
Interactive Consultant: Simon Conlin
Programming: Dylan Dempsey
Account Manager: Lynn Summers
Creative Directors: Scott Dube, Randy Stein
Technical Director: Justin Krinke, Jacoub Bondre
Photography: Peter Schafrick
Print Producer: James Graham

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