Designed one the world's premiere events, The Nantucket Project. This event attended by intelligent minds such as Melinda Gates, Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, Seth Godin and more.  

Intel are one of the main sponsors wanted to showcase how VR can play a positive role in wellness by creating a soothing experience. 

We created sensory stimulation for attendees of the event, using interactive and generative Audio, Visuals, Olfaction (sense of smell), Proprioception (sense of space) and Bio-metrics, specifically EEG data to personalize this unique VR experience.

Visitors were able to enjoy Intel’s “Serenity Lake” VR & XR meditation experience. Developed to explore the potential of VR as a tool for health and wellness each participant was able to take some time to relax, each received an Oculus VR headset and a customized water customized bottle showing their biometric data of the experience. 

I produced this VR experience working alongside a wonderfully talented international team spanning, Melbourne (Creative), Athens (Development), London (Audio). New York (Programming), Toronto (Production) and Vancouver (Animation).
Role: Senior Producer
Campaign: “Serenity Lake” VR  
Client: Intel
VR Animation: Tendril Studio & The Sequence Group

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