Aol needs no introduction, originally known as America Online they started in 1983 and from 1991 - 2009 they were one of the biggest companies in history. AOL was one of the early pioneers of the Internet in the mid-1990s, and the most recognized brand on the web in the United States. At its peak in December 1999, AOL had a market capitalization of $222 billion dollars.

Aol traditionally provided a dial-up service to millions of Americans, as well as providing a web portal, e-mail, instant messaging and later a web browser following its purchase of Netscape. In 2001, at the height of its popularity, it purchased the media conglomerate Time Warner in the largest merger in U.S. history.

Back in 2003 RED was AOL's ambitious new channel designed exclusively for over 5.5 million teens. It had everything, music, videos, online chat and more. Long before MySpace, Youtube and Facebook.

AOL RED is comprised of fourteen uniquely designed departments contained within a choice of ten customized "skins". Myself and J lee (337) were commissioned by the founders of TeehanLax to create one of the 10 themed "skins" for AOL based on our animation work with Sunscript, Swordsmen and Rotogin. We delivered a slightly edgy, steampunk, dystopian-esqe, tech noir design and called it "Tokyo Grunge".  

Aol are still online even today 2020.
examples of other skins

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