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"Inside the Music" execution is the best performing ad on Instagram to date in Canada.
- Facebook & Instagram Team

Role = Creative Director (Digital) & Senior Producer
Format = Social media campaign set of 3 (15: second) videos to be used on Instagram.
Budget = <50k
Production Timeline = 5-7 days
Results = 346,000+ people reached. 611,000+ impressions. 94,000+ unique views.
TD continues to have a very strong presence on Instagram after this successful campaign.

"The Instagram team attribute success to the unique creative idea, content created specifically for Instagram, and that the team spent the time to understand and incorporate all the Instagram creative best practices into the execution. It is considered case-study worthy by the global Instagram team. Congratulations. We gave you very little time from idea to execution. You killed it!"
- VP, Customer Exp. & Innovation @ TD Bank

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1. “Inside the Music”
It was the first time an FI (financial institution) had advertised on Instagram and because TD is synonymous with supporting music (TD jazz festival, Juno awards, etc.) I ideated 2 of the 3 musical concepts. I also directed and produced all 3 video shoots. The whole process was very rapid and we had the whole thing presented, approved, produced and live within 5 business days of client approval on the 3 concepts. I was contracted by TD's experiential and integrated agency on multiple projects. 

I lead a team of both internal and external talent. The project involved managing budgets, timelines, vendors, talent, creative direction, UX/UI, design, quality control, branding standards and client advocacy as well. Each stage involved a multitude of key business decisions. As the creative lead, I had to not only wear the Creative Director’s hat but also run the production. I was accountable at every stage. Not only did all 3 videos deliver on time, both surpassed expectations and were under budget and profitable (with no post-launch adjustment needed).

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