The Mercedes-Benz Brand Immersion experience was designed to highlight the history of innovation of the brand.
A custom tailored iOS application was created so visitors could engage and keep track of their progress throughout the branded tour. The whole experience includes a 15,000-square-foot brand center, a factory tour, ride-and-drives, classroom sessions, and a custom app. The experience remains the automaker’s most successful training initiative ever. Mercedes-Benz is the #1 Automotive luxury brand in the world.
Average satisfaction rankings in post event surveys was 94-99%. 

The application included a social timeline, where visitors could share and comment on each others photos. Notes and photos could access during and after the tour. Visitors complete a variety of activities designed to highlight the history of innovation. An interactive map of experiential activations within the physical space. Bluetooth triggers positioned in the space would zoom the map into the relevant area.

Empowering dealership employees to take personal pride in the brand promise, all viewed through the lens of exceptional customer service, pulse-pounding performance, and manufacturing excellence.
The Brand Immersion Experience was designed to provide the resources needed to instill personal pride in the company’s remarkable legacy of innovation, engineering, safety, and design via environmental design, exhibit design, curriculum design, digital programming and development. 

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