Whack Campaign
CAMPAIGN: Mac’s Whack Froster
CLIENT: Mac’s Convenience Stores, Toronto
AGENCY: DentsuBos, Toronto
The campaign for Whack froster, a non-carbonated frozen beverage, had two objectives: to increase sales by driving teens to Mac’s convenience stores and to create a bond with the teen demographic through irreverent humour. TV and cinema ads drove consumers to a Shopping Channel-styled website, thatswhack.ca, which featured a brash host who talks up Mac’s Whack with sexual innuendo that links having a Whack to masturbation. For example, you can never have too many whacks in a day or the “size of the drink doesn’t matter when you’re having a whack.” The site launched in the summer of 2006 and resulted in 1,000 unique views per day, and Mac’s froster sales were up 30% over the previous summer.

Marketing Magazine's Integrated Campaign (Silver) 
Marketing Magazine's Consumer Packaged Goods (Silver)   

A hilarious and daring concept from creative director powerhouse team Chad Borlase and Gary Watson.

"Geared at teens who frequent their local convenience store, we knew the target market had one other thing on their minds when not chugging sugared water. We played on this to get attention in a crowded media space by convincing the client to name their summer slurpee WHACK. Promoted by a ‘shopping channel’ type salesman, the online video drove to a provocative microsite thatswhack.ca where teens could buy accessories to WHACK-OFF, see testimonials from teens who had had a WHACK, and txt unmoderated live msg’s to the site" - Chad Borlase (Creative Director)
Original concept art
I was hired as a Creative Technology and Production Consultant for the innovative interactive video website build that served up dynamic content depending on your actions. I was also on set to consult the director, Brian Lee Hughes, to capture the necessary seamless loop-able footage. The flash site was art directed and conceived by Barry Lachapelle, strategically planned by myself, flash video engine created by Glen Rhodes and flash engine development was ultimately completed by Ryan Andal. 

My technical schematic and logic for loading compressed flash .flv video files

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