Cox wanted to empower those on the autism spectrum to develop more meaningful connections online. So we created a tool that enabled them to have better, deeper conversations with their loved ones. With the release of the prototype coinciding with International Autism Day, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. 
1x Gold Lion Cannes
1x Bronze Lion Cannes
11x Shortlisted Cannes
1x FWA
11 Million+ views on YouTube
Project Convey is a video chat prototype designed to help people on the autism spectrum better identify non-verbal social cues. It recognizes an emotion on someone’s face and translates it into an emoji, allowing someone with autism to better understand the emotions and nuances of the conversation.

It’s amazing to be able to use technology to make real connections and bring people closer together, and we loved seeing the joy it brought to those with autism of all ages.
Special thanks to unit9, 180 Global, Sanctuary Content, Cox Communications, Dr. Michelle Dean, Exceptional Minds and all the individuals who worked passionately on this project. 

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